Welcome to Shara ta Jebel Ranch!

Shara ta Jebel is our ranch near Petaluma California. It is the home of pure bred Spanish and Polish Arabians as well as other Arabian crossbreeds. Our ranch name has a double meaning. In pure Arabic, Shara Ta Jebel translates to Mountain Road. Since we live on Sonoma Mountain Road, the name fits. It also translates to Rocky Field in my native Maltese language. This fits the nature of our pastures very well. We found this out when we tried to dig postholes for cross fencing our fields!

We view our breeding, training and caring of our horses as a labor of love. We take seriously our goal of producing the best possible Arabian horses. Therefore, we breed only to champion horses of the finest Arabian bloodlines. On the following pages we feature our horses and their bloodlines. Enjoy!

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